First conviction for placing defective breast implants - Diario de Mallorca

Imagen de la prĂ³tesis mamaria que fue retirada del mercado por defectuosa. The Court of Palma has issued its first judgment in which he condemns clinic aesthetics by placing two patients paths defective breast implants. This is the implant model known as PIP , which was withdrawn from the market a few years ago with the discovery once placed on the chest of the patient broke. Thousands of women had to undergo further surgery to remove the old implants and placing new ones. But not in all cases successfully completed operations, as many women suffer serious consequences for the damage that caused this material into disrepair.
Two of the women of Palma who were involved in this situation sued the clinic where they arranged the transaction. The events date back to 2005. They hired an operation to implant each breast implants. The price of each operation was 6,000 euros.The two patients said that at the time of hiring the operation alternatives were not raised. At the clinic did not show them the products that were to be placed, nor the name of the surgeon who would perform the procedure outlined above. Both women also reported that at no time clinical informed them that breast implants could move . In fact, no center manager told them they had to do reviews, nor that prostheses are subject to change.
However, in 2011, through the media, they learned that health authorities advising all women who had undergone breast augmentation surgery that would prove the origin of the material that had placed them. And it was announced that patients carrying the model known as Poly Implants Protheses (PIP) should see your surgeon to perform radiographs and check the status of the prosthesis. Logically, if they had broken, had to undergo further surgery to replace the silicone product.
Both women underwent an ultrasound at a clinic in Palma. The test confirmed that the silicone material was broken and needed to be replaced. The new operation was performed in the same aesthetic and by the same surgeon clinic. The replacement was not free. Each patient paid 1,690 euros for the new operation.

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