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Breaking The Silence !!!!  We Are Evidence !!!

Perhaps its time to talk about how criminal, non-compliant PIP breast implants have affected us? 
We have real horror stories about our experiences with PIP Implants and we want to tell our stories .. We would like to hear how PIP Implants have effected you .
Please join Pip Action Campaigns Forum and comment. 
If you are from the press and want to know more about women`s experiences with PiP Implants please get in touch 


The World’s Largest Independent PIP Analysis Study
  Wherever you are in the world, if you have explanted fraudulent PIP implants, you are invited to participate.If you have explanted PIP implants and you wish to participate in and contribute to studies on PIP implants, you will find all the details you need here! There are two forms to complete.  The first is the PIP Implant Analysis form which you see below and can be completed online, the second is the Symptom Survey which you can download here:
 Send the completed Symptom Survey with your implants to the laboratory at Milan University at the address that you can find at the end of the PIP Implant Analysis form below. PIP Implants can be sent for analysis regardless of where you are in the world. Regrettably as many as half a million women and their families have been affected globally by the PIP implant fraud. Participating in studies on PIP implants will not provide all the answers but it gives all of us hope that more will be learned about the effects of contaminated silicones on our bodies for the future. Dr Beretta, the senior chemist undertaking the analyses at Milan University, talks about his preliminary findings in some detail on PIP Action Campaign’s social networking and Facebook pages.  Please feel free to join in the discussions and to learn more about PIP Implant Analysis at our Facebook Group:    Pipactioncampaign


UK PIP Victims Join the PHSO Group Complaint
Forty-seven thousand British women are thought to have been affected by the PIP implant crisis.  The fraud has impacted directly on all those affected.  Victims have been offered no help or support, some are still having difficulties accessing health care or treatment to remove the toxic implants. The health authorities in Britain withdrew PIP from the market in March 2010 but did nothing to advise women who had toxic PIP implants in their bodies until 21months later. PIP Action Campaign has made an group referred complaint against the Department of Health and the MHRA for failing to respond to the health crisis and for gross negligence in their handling and management  of a criminal fraud and world health crisis.  If you have been affected by the PIP Health Fraud and wish to join the complaint, please complete, sign and return the template form. Download the PHSO template here:
The template can be loaded by clicking on the text link above. We have already made a prima facie case and completed the first two steps in the PHSO procedure.
Please complete and send your complaint straight away – our case is currently under review.......
                             Justice 4 All PIP Action Campaign


Get Your Serial Numbers Out …
We are worried that some women will still not know if they have PIP implants. So we have launched our Get Your Serial Numbers Out  Campaign. (Click on the link or on the image above to learn more).  We want to encourage all women with silicone breast implants to check their details and follow them up if necessary.  Please pass it on!

Toxic PIP Implants: World Health Crisis

The toxic chemicals in the fraudulent shells and fillers of PIP breast Implants seep out into surrounding body tissue, migrate into body organs, can cross the placenta and can be found in breast milk. These toxic chemicals make women very sick and many report debilitating symptoms directly linked to silicone toxicity.

"It’s not a debate about cosmetic surgery ...
Its a serious health problem
Women affected by PIP implants want justice.
That our dignity may not be judged
In silence we must live with our pain...
The anguish of the scandal
Robbed of rights, uncertainty
Fear, helplessness and loneliness,
Humiliated for defending our dignity
Here is the reality no-ones sees that others caused."

Pipactioncampaign`s health survey...

We have been operating a Health Survey over the past 9 months, it is gathering information from women with PIP implants and their symptoms. The British government produced a report in June 2012, their final expert report - in it they said ... patient reported symptoms are 'not helpful'... Well as patients we think our reported symptoms are VITAL to the    understanding of these dangerous & defective implants in our bodies! It is an anonymous survey, if you haven`t completed yours, please do here`s a link...


The Emotional Impact of PIP Breast Implants
Over three quarters (77%)  said their self-esteem and self-worth had been affected:37% "considerably‟ and   40% "severely" Virtually all (96%) respondents felt depressed and anxious, with over 2/3   (68%) of women affected "severely" and  28% "considerably".  Only 5% said "a little" or "not at all" (0.9%)   More than 8 out of 10 (83%) feel their body image has been affected    Read more;



If you are in Britain and you haven,t already completed an Incident Report about your PIP implants now is a good time to do so!  This is currently the only way to make a report for the record and to show British Authorities how much and how many of us have been affected by fraudulent PIP implants.
                                          Get your serial numbers out and report away ...
 Do this for you and for all those who have been affected. ♥



Breast Implants and Women's Health: A Silenced Epidemic

The medical community and government health authorities discounted the scientific evidence before them that could have prevented this public health tragedy from continuing as further generations of women became ill. That science represented the women and the health repercussions they endured.
From that day forward, women continued to suffer from neurological damage, autoimmune diseases, hair loss, chronic fatigue, infertility, as well as heart and lung conditions as a result of silicone based medical devices. They were misdiagnosed, disbelieved, and not given the medical intervention desperately needed to improve their health Please sign