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 Sweden PIP implants should be removed for preventative reasons 

The Medical Products Agency implemented a ban on the use of breast implants from the manufacturer Poly Implant Proth├Ęse in March 2010. Approximately 4,000 women had, by then, received PIP implants in Sweden. The global figure is estimated at about 400,000.The Medical Products Agency has compiled the limited data provided by clinics that have removed ruptured PIP implants of the type that contains a higher concentration of D4. The results indicate that there are signs of inflammation in the tissues of about one third of cases. Signs of tissue inflammation have also been found in connection with intact PIP implants that have been removed from women who did not have any symptoms.   Read more 

Swedish health officials now urge PIP breast implant removals

Sweden orders all women with PIP implants to get them removed as fresh tests show they could harm babies in womb


Expansion of the recommendation of 23.12.2011:  removal of PIP - and Rofil breast implants recommended as a precaution
Press Release 01/12
"The notifications from doctors, medical societies and hospitals show that potential health risks by increasing leaked silicone can occur even if no cracking is present. The BfArM recommends that the affected implants should be removed as a precaution. How much is a withdrawal in the individual case, depends largely on how long the patient wears the implant already. This should therefore be discussed prior to any operation between doctor and patient, "said Prof. Dr. Walter Schwerdtfeger, President of the BfArM .Read more