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PIP breast implants: Regulatory system "dangerously flawed" - expert 
Voice of Russia UK, 
There are many women who still have the PIP implants inside their body simply because they don’t feel that they have the level of support that they need from the NHS. There are women, who therefore believe they are ticking time bombs, so the levels of fear and concern as you can imagine are incredible.”  Maguire says that this is one of the biggest medical negligence cases he has ever come across, and it is indicative of a much broader issue.
 "There have been far too many medical products failing. It shows that the entire regulatory system is flawed. It's dangerously flawed."

February 23, 2012
A global health scare involving foreign made silicone breast implants could affect thousands of American women. Those implants may rupture.
"Now we've gotten to the implant, "Son of a B****", it's ruptured," Dr. Paul Rosenberg said.The young mother had appeared fine when she'd walked in, having no idea of the horror lurking within her body.
"It's all liquid," Dr. Rosenberg said. Although the implants were never sold in the U.S., it's believed many American women have them. 
"I believe the implant should be removed because it's a ticking time bomb," Dr. Rosenberg said."There's essentially no shell," Dr. Rosenberg said, "This is all liquid silicone in her body, in her body."
"Oh, my God," Dr. Rosenberg continued, "So, you're seeing gobs and gobs of silicone."This is worse than you could have imagined," Dr. Rosenberg said, "Much worse."
"This looks like duo cement. This has an oily feel, this was absolutely in her lymph nodes," Dr. Rosenberg added.The woman will now have to be closely monitored for potential health problems.

"It's the worse case scenario," Dr. Rosenberg said, "It's lucky we took them out today."


Laboratory examination of the implants commissioned by the radio station RTL is said to have revealed they also contained other industrial chemicals. AndrĂ© Picot, the toxicologist who carried out the research, is quoted as saying that offering such products for insertion in the human body was "near criminal". Read more;

U.K. doctors urge removal of all PIP breast implants