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The terrible, terrible TRUTH ... (please take care if watching the video) With video footage of PIP surgery by Dr Jaume Serra Janer 

Jaume Serra Janer This is me, figthing with PIP

Copyright Pamela G. Dowd 1998 
I have a name
But no one will ever know me.
No one will ever know my story.
As a young woman I touched the flame
Of the plastic surgeons' reach for glory
And bought his lie
That implants would last forever, even if I die.
He bought a yacht
And sent his kids to Harvard.
He went to the Himalayas
To do good for the sick and affirmed.
While at home we languished in untold pain
And mortgaged our homes for medical care
To support the greed that put us there.
My implants ruptured and spread their deadly toxin
Throughout my body until my bones were on fire.
My lungs hurt from the constant cough
That racked my body to the soul...
And I did not know
That a judge had sealed many documents
That would have proved this deadly deed
Had been practiced knowingly upon the innocent.
I did not know they were not FDA approved
I did not know that contaminated foreign implants were sold to the unknowing
And used by the unethical in their reach for a fatter wallet.
I believed my government would protect me
From those who sought to increase their bank accounts
At the expense of my health.
My doctor I had placed upon a pedestal 
And believed that he too would not lead me astray.
But, I was wrong, I was wrong about it all.
The implants ruptured and I grew daily sicker
My doctor not only didn't know what was wrong
He didn't want to search for answers.
Soon I couldn't walk with this unknown disorder.
My bowels lost control.
My breath felt as if were being choked from my body
And my eyes were growing dim.
Does anyone really think THIS is my choice?
Does anyone really believe I would choose to sit at home
And never climb the mountains again...
And never walk on the sandy beach again...
And never sit in the sun again...
And never sing in the choir again...
And never hold the grandchildren for fear of dropping them...
And wear adult diapers every day...
While using a cane to get around????????
Is this the life you THINK I deserve?
What if it were your daughter or mother or child...
Someone you know and love?
Would they deserve it then?
My house I mortgaged for medical care.
Insurance I was denied.
I will someday be on the public dole
And the perpetrators of the pain of thousands will be free...
Free of accountability
Free of responsibility
For I gave up the battle yesterday
I signed many papers
To keep the deep dark secret.
And they gave me money to pay the doctors,
And so I wouldn't lose my house.
My future is dark and grim.
My health is gone and will never return.
But the secrets are kept in the courthouse files.
And breast implant manufacturers get away with murder.
If I speak the truth or participate in any activities, 
They will take my all away.
And it really wasn't much.
Just a pittance from their golden coffers
And when I die, who will know? Who will care?
Who will my story share?
They have legally silenced me forever.
They have removed my right to freedom of speech.
They will constantly observe my every move and word...
All to protect THEIR evil deeds.
A Gagged Victim
Of an Unholy Circumstance 
Written on behalf of the many victims of breast implants who have been forever gagged from telling their story to the world.
God must be crying at the pain his daughters are suffering.
Inspired by Moriah.