Harley Medical Group aka Thmc aka THMG aka CORRUPT

HMG Downgraded, NO MORE setting the 
gold standard !!!!!!
PIP Action Campaign challenged whether the claim "Setting the Gold Standard" was misleading and could be substantiated.

The ASA considered that, without qualification, consumers would understand the claim "Setting the Gold Standard" as an objective claim that Aesthetic and Cosmetic Surgery Ltd had been achieving the highest attainable standard as agreed by independent measures on areas such as patient care and surgical expertise. 

Because objective evidence was not supplied to demonstrate that Aesthetic and Cosmetic Surgery Ltd had been "Setting the Gold Standard" we concluded that the ads were misleading.Read more here 

Harley Medical Group hacked: Details of up to 500,000 people considering cosmetic surgery could have been accessed
15 April 2014    A leading cosmetic surgery provider has been targeted by a computer hacker who may have accessed details of nearly 500,000 people considering procedures.The Harley Medical Group said it believed the cyber attack was an attempt to extort money from the company and it had contacted police.Some 480,000 initial inquiry forms submitted online may have been accessed and they include a potential client's name, address and telephone number, the company confirmed. The form also lists cosmetic procedures, including breast enlargements, liposuction and tummy tucks, in which potential clients can express an interest.
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Horror as cosmetic secrets held for ransom
15th April 2014    COSMETIC surgery secrets of nearly 500,000 people have been stolen by hackers — and used in a blackmail attempt.Russian crooks took online forms submitted to The Harley Medical Group, detailing body issues.
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£1.7m boob-op rat is taking the pip
THE businessman who denied thousands of victims of the PIP breast implant scandal the right to compensation is seeking a £1.7million payout. Harley Medical Group founder Mel Braham, 74, caused outrage by putting his cosmetic surgery chain into administration to avoid potential legal claims from 13,900 patients. A private equity firm resurrected the company and appointed him £400,000-a-year chairman. But The Sun can reveal he has since been fired over allegations of dishonesty and “serious” concerns about his expenses. He denies the claims and is seeking a payout for wrongful dismissal, loss of earnings and expenses as well as office vases and artwork. Jan Spivey of patients’ group PIP Action Campaign said: “Look what happens when the shoe’s on the other foot. Braham is using the legal system he denied to us to try and get £1.7million compensation. “Two years on and women still have these implants in their bodies and cannot afford to get them out. It’s outrageous.” The PIP scandal broke in 2010 when officials warned the implants were made of industrial grade silicone usually pumped into mattresses. Harley Medical Group initially vowed to replace implants for free, then withdrew the offer, saying it could not afford it. In 2012, the firm went into administration, leaving £700,000 unpaid tax. Last night, RCapital who own a 51 per cent stake in the new Harley Medical Group, said: “We can confirm that Mel Braham’s employment has terminated.”
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HMG notified the government of almost 15,000 patients its clinics had implanted with cheap, toxic PIP implants when the first British Alert was made. Nine months later the directors of HMG had quietly initiated a restructuring of the company and by December 2012, HMG was in liquidation. By that time, HMG had referred patients to 104 of 144 to NHS Trusts in England, according to DoH statistics. HMG is now back in business without any Duty of Care to its many thousands of PIP patients, advertising its services like nothing happened. 

Faulty breast implant firm plunges into bankruptcy... to avoid paying millions to 1,700 victims

'It's the same directors, surgeons, premises and website but under a different holding company. The liabilities will not be transferred. The liabilities resulting from the class action die with the previous company.Women scheduled to have PIPs removed by Harley Medical will still have that done. The only difference is that legal claims against Harley Medical Centre will no longer be able to take place.'

‘Maxwell investigator’ appointed to investigate Harley Medical collapse

Paul Stanley, a partner at Begbies Traynor, will look into a number of transactions – including the payment of a dividend of more than £1m in 2010 – at the company, which went into administration in November following claims by thousands of women fitted with faulty breast implants supplied by French firm, Poly Implant Protheses .He said: “The company accounts show large dividends were removed in 2010 and the creditors are concerned whether the directors at this time should have known that they were facing problems. “I have been appointed to trace all these transactions to make sure that the business was being run in a proper manner by the directors prior to the administration and to investigate possible claims against the UK distributor of PIP implants.”

Harley Medical Group (Ireland) Ltd Application for Winding up Judgment 16 May 2013

Anger at end of Breast Implant Claims
Women with faulty breast implants are outraged after being told they can no longer take legal action against the company which fitted them A restructuring deal by Harley Medical Group, which put in the greatest number of PIP implants, means the firm cannot be held liable

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Harley Medical Group made Secret deals with the Department Of Health & CQC enabling it to walk away from its liabilities to patients and forcing thousands of patients to turn to the NHS for healthcare.

But we can reveal the Department of Health knew of the Harley Group’s plans all along In a letter sent three months before the change to then-DoH special adviser Bill Morgan, its managing director Pierre Guillot said the company’s financial situation had been “severely weakened” by the PIPs scandal because replacement implants weren’t covered by its insurance He told them “many patients” were taking legal action and had a “good chance of succeeding” which would “drive the company into bankruptcy”

Cosmetic surgery millionaire Mel Braham owned secret offshore firm

The millionaire head of a controversial cosmetic surgery chain, the biggest in the UK, owned a secret offshore company linked to the clinic, it can be revealed.When asked about the tax advantages of having an offshore account, Braham at first denied any connection between his clinic and the British Virgin Islands entity. He wrote: "This Memphis company that you refer to, has not, nor ever has had, any connection with the Harley Medical Group.
To the best of my knowledge it has never traded or had any business transaction with the Harley Medical Group."Read more;

Minister: Implant firm should offer free replacements
12 January 2012
The Harley Medical Group should replace PIP silicone breast implants free of charge, Health Minister Earl Howe has said.
Earl Howe said private companies had a "moral" and "legal" duty to address the matter on behalf of their patients, adding that eight firms had already agreed to replace the implants for free.
He told peers on 12 January 2012 that the government was urging the Harley Medical Group, which fitted more PIP breast implants than any other UK cosmetic surgery firm, to "follow suit".
Breast implants from French firm Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) were banned last year after they were found to contain a non-medical-grade silicone filler.
The Harley Medical Group said replacing the banned implants would put it out of business.
Liberal Democrat Baroness Hussein-Ece expressed "dismay and concern" at the firm's decision as peers debated the matter during their daily half-hour question session.Read more 

BREAST enlargements using "natural" fat from other parts of their bodies are to be offered to women, it was announced today.
13th September 2009
The technique will be made available “early next year”, according to the Harley Medical Group.Harley Medical Group chairman Mel Braham said: “This is the most exciting breakthrough in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery that I have seen over the last two decades.  “It amounts to two beneficial procedures in one - taking unwanted fat from one or two areas of a patient’s body and transferring it into the breast area. “We have now completed a study of the results of UK and US patients who had the procedure four and five years ago, to confirm that the results are lasting.“Following some final reviews by our Medical Board, we should be in a position to launch this procedure in the UK early next year.
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Even advertising they got away with for years .

Special pleading with government
Invited onto Cosmetic panel for Government (14yrs )
No penalties for abandoning thousands of women 

Beauty surgery's ugly secret  

Nov 2007    Harley Medical Group and Make Yourself Amazing among the offenders. The organisation's catalogue of complaints includes claims, backed up by evidence sent to the IHAS, that clinics at the show were; offering patients money off the usual price of a procedure if they booked by a certain date, even though industry codes of conduct specifically ban such deals. Four clinics, including Linia and the Harley Medical Group, have been accused. • advertising Botox, even though doing so is illegal because it is a controlled toxin and against the regulations of the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, which approves medicines for use in the UK. Which? accuses both Harley Medical Group and the Forma group of doing this
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ASA Adjudication on Harley Medical Group Ltd
5 December 2007
1. Thirty-three complainants objected that the ad was offensive and irresponsible because it implied larger breasts would make people happier and could undermine young womens self-esteem;
2. two complainants, one a doctor, challenged whether the "before" and "after" pictures were genuine, because she believed the "after" picture had been digitally enhanced;

THMG explained that they had been established for 24 years and had always taken a responsible approach to marketing that promoted the confidence that cosmetic surgery could bring to patients.   YEAH YEAH YEAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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