NHS Recommendations VS The Truth.

                NHS: Not enough evidence to recommend their early removal
The Truth: implants aren't medical grade, testing shows implants have an increased chance of rupturing & have done so in many reported cases, cases of anaplastic lymphoma cancer have been reported as a result.
Why you wouldn't get them removed as early as possible.. No need?
Or is this the NHS jeopardising the lives of many in order to save money?
NHS: Over 17 foreign health services so far have recommended women get the implants removed straight away, as opposed to here in Britain "no risk of dangerous toxic effects in the event of a rupture".
TheTruth: The casings are more likely to degrade than those used in others – leaving women given PIPs at risk of silicone leaking into their bodies, the research showed .‘The batch testing for these implants was useless so we don’t know which women could be most at risk – it’s a lottery

'We have been completely abandoned by the private Clinic`s & Surgeons who have used these implants. They have no protective shell to stop our lymph glands from filling up with silicone.'

Jeremy Hunt: I will not tolerate British patients being put at risk!

These words undermine everything I believe about the health sector in Britain. Anyone working in health care must always be on the side of patients, and patients – not profits – should always be the number one priority.

The Men Who Rebuild Breast
 This is a health crisis and the government is pussyfooting around with select committees to justify a conclusion that it has already reached.’ To him, the issue is very simple. ‘If it’s industrial silicone, and you don’t know what the potential risks are, it has to come out.
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Richard Matthews
But for the many tens of thousands of women who are still living with their original PIP implants the nightmare has not gone away.My belief is that we shouldn’t be waiting for these implants to rupture before we remove them. The associated problems and distress caused to these women is not justifiable. I believe the government has spoken too soon on gel safety and hope that this is not due to expediency, but merely a case of inadequate advice. Their advice should be revised in favour of proactive removal sooner rather than later.
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Top doctors call for removal of every breast implant given to 50,000 British women
The doctors who conducted the research, including nanotechnology professor Alexander Seifalian and top plastic surgeon Professor Peter Butler, now say all PIPs should be removed.Nigel Mercer, former president of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, said last night: ‘If you have problems with the outer shell of an implant, then it will act like a sieve and the silicone will just leak out.Women whose implants burst have complained of swollen lymph nodes, lumps and pains in their breasts.
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Plastic surgeons challenge breast implant scandal statistics 
3 January 2012  British plastic surgeons have also called for the implants to be removed, saying that women will suffer discomfort if they rupture and great anxiety whether they do or not...

Laboratory examination of the implants commissioned by the radio station RTL is said to have revealed they also contained other industrial chemicals. André Picot, the toxicologist who carried out the research, is quoted as saying that offering such products for insertion in the human body was "near criminal".
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