Major crisis ignored - Paul Flynn - Read My Day

Even though it was health questions today, there was no mention of the UK's ramshackle rules to protect patients from faulty medical devices. The information on failures in the public sector was either inadequate, non-existent or designed to mis-lead. I was not called today but the process of standing up and down was splendid exercise and topical questions continued for an additional ten minutes. I have now tabled this new Early Day Motion.
Failure of Breast Implants

That this House is alarmed at the inadequate protection of patients against faulty medical devices by Government and the industry-funded MHRA: notes that evidence of failure in breast implants in the UK greatly understated the dangers revealed in the rest of Europe and the USA; draws attention to reports that recalls of devices are rising but manufacturers continue to suppress information on device failures; and calls for a review that will ensure that UK patients have guarantees on the safety and efficacy of devices equivalent to that of patients in the USA.

Just over two years ago consultant plastic surgeon Azhar Aslam became deeply worried — he’d had to remove eight silicone breast implants from women within a few months of each other because they had ruptured prematurely.
It struck him as highly unusual. 

‘If implants do rupture, it is normally after seven to ten years, and it is usually caused by an impact, such as the wearer falling over or having a car accident,’ he says.

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