The old factory in La Seyne PIP become illegal dumping

PIP: the old factory become landfill saved - 27480102.jpgEvery morning it passes, the president of the Adeto * sees red. At the foot of what remains of the old factory ** PIP stands a real open dump. Mattresses, sheets of wood and glass, debris of all kinds, litter the ground.

"The situation has worsened in the last three months. Now people bring their own waste. Besides the fact that it hurts brand, the perimeter is not secure at all, says Gabriel De Pasquale, front of the old electricity meter of the company that was completely destroyed.

In an accident, who would be responsible? In that case, everyone is passing the buck. I was told each time that it is private property. "

Exact thing except that today, the pavement is overrun with garbage. "It seems to me that a simple solution could be found with few resources. It would be enough to push everything inside the site and close all with wooden panels. "

For now, the head of the Adeto continues to seek from the neighboring towns and agglomeration, concrete action. "I am caught between the iron and anvil. All users of the area falls on me, I reported the problem and nothing moves. In twenty years of presidency, this is the first kind of which I could have done without me. "

* Association for the Development of Toulon western companies.
** Placed in 2010 into liquidation following the case of breast implants adulterated.

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