PIP scandal: Court rejects damages suit

No compensation for substandard breast implants
In the battle for damages for defective silicone implants the company PIP, the district court Karlsruhe dismissed the action of a woman. The doctor did his duty to investigate not injured.Dr . Horst S., a specialist in plastic surgery at a clinic in Karlsruhe, is his thing was certain. In consultation with his patient Iris H. from the Baden town Waghaeusel following sentence was: ". The take them to the grave, because even a car can go over it" were meant to silicone breast implants by the French manufacturer "Poly Implant Prothese" (PIP) , That was in early 2007. In the meantime, the French manufacturer insolvent and the supposedly high-quality implants is known that they had been filled for profit with cheap silicone. With silicone that normally only the cartridges are filled with construction workers. In Germany alone, the inferior breast implants have been implanted at about 5000 women. In Baden-W├╝rttemberg 887 patients carried the inferior PIP silicone pad in her breasts
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