The SCENIHR Fallacy & the MHRA

“MHRA published a statement on 21 July 2006 concluding that there is no clinical evidence that these effects occur after implantation of metal hips and there is no evidence to suggest that this poses a significant health risk…”

They were wrong in 2006

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) today (23 May 2014) shared the final European report about the safety of the fraudulently manufactured PIP silicone breast implants that concludes that there are no convincing medical, toxicological or other data to justify routine removal of intact PIP implants.
The MHRA has the same problem assessing evidence today as it did in 2006.
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You will have to take us for a long time connes?!! The question to ask is: "Who benefits from this pseudo review? " An aberration when we know it has been proved that the PIP gel is irritating and can cause inflammation, especially when every day we live its consequences. How can we say that we should extract the PIP implants in case of out?? Victims' health is not a priority, or are the real interests in this business..

PRESS RELEASE Following the publication of the 15/05/2014: Final review Security Poly Implant Prosthesis (PIP) silicone breast implants (Updated 2013) European Commission
The European Commission would like to cover the ex-AFSSAPS before trial and Injuries manslaughter under Education, IT DOES NOT TAKE NO OTHERWISE! We must remember that the AFSSAPS (now MSNA following this case and that the Mediator) had made ​​NO inspection at PIP in 10 years! Despite repeated reports of surgeons, supported by registered letters since 2007. It took an anonymous tip fraudulent manufacture of PIP end of 2009 an inspection is carried out by AFSSAPS early 2010, potentially toxic discovered at the site of manufacture, a production line in total opposition to Folder Design, product traceability falsified double counting detected and manufacturing stopped March 30, 2010! Meanwhile, it's 500 000 women worldwide have been implanted with these devices Class III medical potentially dangerous, 30,000 in France, 20% under reconstructions after CANCER. UNICANCER PURCHASES, the central French shopping centers fight against cancer had passed a contract with PIP. The company's partners: MSNA, the HAS, the INCA ... yet NO inspection was required before signing the contract with PIP. Only the CE marking TÜV Rheinland enough. However, certification bodies are selected and paid by the manufacturers of the products they certify! ... From there thinking they have no incentive to look too far dysfunctions in production line of their CLIENTS ... there is not one! We oppose with energy in this "Notice" of the European Commission concludes the TOTAL PIP implants harmlessness. On what basis and analyzes the Commission based? The answer provided by the SCENHIHR fully in ENGLISH, in terms accessible only to insiders, clever way to prevent access to VICTIMS. We will study by specialists. The report of the European Commission exempts PIP increased incidence of breast cancer or lymphoma Anaplastic large cell (ALCL), but: The ratio of MSNA dated May 6 announcement 6 cases of breast ALCL location (INCa in ad 9 in its report published on May 7 on the action to be taken for female carriers IM). Of these 9 cases, 1 fatal. American literature ad 3 cases per year 100 million women.

Our association has 2,477 adherent. Many women have problems due to the extraction / replacement of their PIP implants ruptured, cracked or antiperspirants. According to those who agreed to answer a investigation we have had since January 2014: 45% suffer from painful inflammation, 29% suffer from siliconomas, 27% also indicate other diseases and major injuries: General fatigue and weakened organism sensitive to infections Fever    Disease Mondor Sinusitis and bronchial disorders  Total allergy silicone implants  Permanent Pain + deformation of the breast (periprosthetic shell)  Anxiety  Scars due to additional multiple interventions   Important Bleeding related stress Recurrence of breast cancer axillary level attested by oncologist  Burns   Itching Hives and itching on the giants thorax   Removal of the lymph node chain psychological disorders and sleep loss  Abnormal swelling of the axillary lymph nodes and neurological disorders arms  Depression + attempted suicide + prolonged psychiatric treatment   Lymphangitis Rheumatoid arthritis  Edema ankles and arms very disabling pain in muscles and joints    intense Neuralgia  debilitating fibromyalgia Fibroadenomas within 2 breasts  Job Loss + financial difficulties  Lower limb paresthesia. and sup., visual field loss, loss of balance, suspicion of multiple plates  Lymphedema of the arm and final functional impairment  Operative complications + re- Intervention  Sjogren Sjögren   infiltrating ductal carcinoma with lymph Punctures repeat .

                 As the conclusion of this review, it is also ABERRANT that STUPID and DANGEROUS: extract PIP ONLY if BREAK ... And thus exclude 39% of cases of leaks toxic gel crack or perspiration and emanations oil decomposition PIP gel while these problems are precisely the source of inflammations, siliconomas and all the pathologies observed ... is SCANDALOUS. We see only financial goals: SAVE on the budgets of insurance funds disease which however take a TINY portion of the operating costs supported. Pdf download