Netherlands. Doubts about breast implants

Netherlands. Doubts about breast implants

Health authorities come to investigate 170 cases of women victims of severe sequelae related to silicone.

Marga van Amersfoort come a long way:  "If I did not remove these prostheses, I'd probably gone.  "  After breast cancer in 2001, the beautician Nijmegen in the east of the  Country - Netherlands , undergoes a mastectomy before being put silicone implants. This is the beginning of a new nightmare, long and painful.

"Nobody could figure out what I had, until I decided in 2012 to remove my implants , she says .  There, my pain has decreased dramatically. "  According to some experts, it suffers from an autoimmune disease associated with a syndrome called Asia,  "  Induced adjuvants  . "  It would be directly related to the presence of silicone in the body.

"My immune system is still very damaged, but it gets better  " ,  says Marga van Amersfoort. She had to close her beauty salon, but she took the reins of the SVS association, which identifies complaints with silicone implants in women. Its founder, Marlou Boots, died in 2010 following a autoimmune disease.

More than 4400 women registered with the association. After years of proceedings, the Dutch Health Inspectorate has finally opened an investigation into the medical records of 170 patients with implants.

It was time, comments Jan Willen Tervaert Cohen, a specialist in immune diseases, University Hospital Maastricht:  "For a long time I took two to three patients per year, with this syndrome. But since 2007 the number has exploded. I am more than 400 patients. "

According to him, approximately 10% of patients carriers of implants are concerned. Five cases of cancer were identified.