PIP Linkies ( PIP Crimes Big Link)

As you all know, we plan to keep fighting against the appalling decision made by the court of appeal in France on July 2nd. We know many of you are keen to take some form of action to express your feelings about what has happened, therefore may I present to you the 'PIP Crimes Big Link '. Our plan is to show the world how us women will stand together in unity in a show of international strength and determination. To do this, we require a photograph of as many PIP ladies (and supporting guys) as possible. Your photograph will form whats known as a Linkie (Linked up selfie).

Here's what to do:
  • We respect that many of you would like to maintain your anonymity, therefore we do not need to see your gorgeous faces ;)
  • Topless is the plan, (no breasts will be visible) but if your uncomfortable with this, then please feel free to wear something your happier with.

Write a message on your arms / body, wherever it can be seen, ie conditions you have suffered resulting from PIP, how you feel, your age, If your a mum, where you live in the world etc etc etc.....All we request is that the words 'PIP Crimes' is in there somewhere so we can be consistent in our message.
  • Cross your arms across your breasts holding out your hands as if reaching to grab another's hand.
  • Get somebody to take your picture.
  • Once done, share you linkie with us and we will add you to the PIP Crimes Big Link'.
(Please could we request you send us your linkies no later than 24 July date of second set of claims against TUV in the French courts )