HMG - are in the firing line on inappropriate advertising AGAIN!!!

Where will it end?
That bunch of cowboys - In Administration for the 2nd Time !!
HARLEY MEDICAL GROUP - are in the firing line on
 inappropriate advertising AGAIN!!!

Belvedere Clinic offered breast implants as a prize

Free boob jobs? Plastic surgery should never be a 'prize'                            

      As cosmetic clinics advertise free boob jobs and plastic surgery gets its own hashtag, Radhika Sanghani explains why our collective numbness is a problem.“Valentine’s Day kisses. 30 per cent off lip fillers. Prepare your mouth for all the attention it will be getting!”
    This isn’t a spoof Valentine’s Day card – it’s an advert from one of the UK’s biggest plastic surgery clinics offering "subtle lip definition to charm your suitor". It seems The Harley Medical Group is under the very mistaken impression that women need cosmetic procedures before their mouths are worthy of attention.
       It isn’t the only uncomfortably inappropriate advert of its type out there either. The Belvedere Clinic in Essex had a Christmas draw that said: “A wish come true for two lucky winners… WIN BREAST IMPLANTS.” The winners were due to be announced on Valentine’s Day.
    Not only are these ads just seriously bad taste, they also go against the Government-funded Sir Bruce Keogh review, which ironically came out almost exactly a year ago, and clearly stated that “time-limited deals, package deals and offering cosmetic procedures as competition prizes” are “socially irresponsible and should be prohibited”. Read more 

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