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Des milliers de proth├Ęses PIPThe court of Aix-en-Provence call Thursday morning had before the civil dispute between Allianz, the insurer manufacturer fraudulent PIP breast implants, three foreign distributors, as well as thirty women with d implants.
Allianz had appealed the judgment of the Commercial Court of Toulon, in June 2012, which was considered as insurance contracts outstanding were valid.

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The court ordered the insurer to compensate victims whose implants had been installed in France. Thursday morning, the hearing resumed on the question of the invalidity insurance contracts underwritten by PIP.
Representing the interests of Allianz, Jean-Marie Coste-Floret argued that it is impossible to engage the responsibility of the insurer "the counterfeiting of non-certified prostheses" , whereas PIP "lied and made false statements " .
"The victims will not be compensated" , he said at the opening.
The opposing sides stressed instead the "interest of the victims of PIP seeking a solvent responsible" , according to Mr. Claude Arnaud.
"The policy that applies (that of 2010) was not accompanied by a statement of claims" , so that there is "no evidence of misrepresentation" .
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For distributors, Mr. Olivier Aumaître argued against limiting the French territory of Allianz warranty. "The fact that the damage, not the surgery, but the manufacture of the implant" .
The Court of Appeal has reserved judgment in its January 22. The Crown, present as an observer, will not take submissions. 

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