If you are still living with PIP implants. Please act now! 

Please do not wait for symptoms to develop or worsen. Do not wait for the outcome of legal trials... GET THEM OUT ... if you are experiencing financial difficulties or depression, like so many of us are, please don`t let these things stop you from asking for a referral to a NHS specialist. Please don`t gamble with your health. We want you to be safe.

There are worse things in life than saggy breasts & bottoms. There are better things to spend your money on than breasts if you are having to fake a smile... ♡

PIP implants do not have to rupture, they leak:( You don`t need to have ruptured PIP to get help from the NHS, if you are anxious, as all of us are, the NHS will remove them. If you are experiencing symptoms of silicone toxicity or have inflamed breast tissue, having replacements may not resolve the issue or reduce the risk of complications.

DON`T WAIT ... don`t gamble ... be safe ♡ GET ALL PIP OUT!