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The PIP became © toffe three new case set - 27183145.jpgRebound in the health scandal PIP breast implants: the judge hearing open for "involuntary injury" folder decided to expand the circle of responsibility
    Who are responsible for the health scandal PIP breast implants? Who appeared to Marseille are the only ones guilty face women with implants?
Nothing is less certain, despite the imposed last December to convictions against two leaders -   Jean-Claude and Claude Mas Couty- and three former service chiefs of Seynoise company.
A second part of the investigation is not complete and this time, justice might not be satisfied with the senior officials designated in 2013 by the prosecutor of Marseilles.
  The judge in charge of the thorny issue of "involuntary injury" indicted three other former PIP whose names remained in the shadows until now
At the beginning of fraud
     Each was responsible within PIP early 2000s * . This period is crucial, because it is at this point that the system of internal fraud is taking place. Or none of the department heads who was stationed in those years has appeared in the first trial for "aggravated deception".
     Only their three successors have been judged, that the defense had strongly denounced during the hearing, pointing absent from the judicial appointment.Today on the spot, there Damian Gimenez, 64, placed high in the chart at the time of bankruptcy in 2010, since then executive director of PIP. This close to Jean-Claude Mas ** has a direct connection with the manufacture of breast implants, since he was head of production until 2004.
Explicitly cited in the findings of the preliminary investigation, his name had disappeared from the list of accused. No real explanation. Read more