No changes here! Corruption still rules at the MHRA!

This used to happen all the time : the MHRA blame 'the fraud' for their failings : could anything more have been done?  It took them nearly TWO YEARS to inform women with PIP of the ban, because according to them a 'knee-jerk reaction' was unnecessary... the press only took up the story when a French woman DIED with ruptured PIP.

Looks like they have a new guy in the job DR NEIL McGUIRE Clinical director for medical devices. No doubt his job is to write responses to bad press... and no doubt he has a template for that!

" No changes here! Corruption still rules at the MHRA! "

The quote by the Harley Medical Group incorrectly states that the Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) breast implants were approved by the MHRA. This is not the case.

Like all medical devices, they are approved via the Europe-wide system of regulation for medical devices. Responsibility for supervising the system is shared by the EC and participating national authorities. In this case, the MHRA was not directly involved.

The PIP implants were fraudulently manufactured and the deceit was carefully managed so as to conceal the activity from the German authorities. Read more ;