PIP scandal: 400 Swedes will seek redress 

Some 400 Swedish carriers of PIP implants will turn against the certifying body prostheses doubtful. In this case, the liability of the company TÜV was recognized by the Commercial Court of Toulon.
This is yet another episode in the sprawling case that erupted in March 2010 in La Seyne-sur-Mer, which were fraudulently made PIP breast implants. And widely exported. The August Parisian law firm and Debouzy just entered a clinic in Stockholm to try to get the injury réparatuion 400 Swedes carry PIP implants.
After a river in Marseille trial in 2013, the founder and former executives of the Var company were convicted of "aggravated deception" and sentenced in the first instance . But it is to " the French and German certifying organizations "that Ms. Alexandra Cohen-Jonathan," specializing in personal injury compensation mass "will turn.
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