Faulty PIP breast implants replaced with now recalled brand Cereform, hundreds of Australians may be affected

Authorities do not know how many Australian women had faulty French breast implants replaced with a second, now recalled brand.
Last month the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) announced the Australian distributor of PIP breast implants, Medical Vision Australia, had pulled its Cereform implants from shelves following a recall in France.
Despite the recall, Medical Vision are still spruiking the product on their website.
The recall occurred after the French regulator found the paperwork around sterilisation did not meet international standards.
In Australia, the TGA said there had been no increase in infection rates with the implants and there was no health risk.
About 4,800 Cereform implants have been sold in Australia since 2009 and while only some would have been replacement implants, hundreds of women could be affected.
Among them is Cairns woman Christine Stephen, who was never told her Cereform implants came from the same distributor as PIP.
Ms Stephen had her PIP implants removed after one ruptured.
She developed a severe infection around her replacement Cereform implants and had to be rushed to hospital.
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